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Performance Champion

The Offshore “Performance Champion” Programme is designed for operators/ drilling contractors who have either have had a performance improvement/ Technical Limit process embedded within the company or has limited bed space on the rig.

The “Performance Champion” is generally the Toolpusher/ Night Toolpusher. He is the person responsible and accountable for performance during his shift.

Rigformance facilitates all the meetings from onshore via conference calls and tracks the daily performance of the rig.

The “Performance Champion”, will receive performance data based on the rigs previous 24 hours. The “Performance Champion” is required to complete sections of the document which include KPI performance, NPT, ILT/ KILT and Lessons Learned. This information is sent back onshore to the Rigformance onshore performance manager, who will analyse the data.

Weekly performance calls are held with the rig and the previous weeks performance data is reviewed and then the next weeks look-ahead is discussed. Onshore management give there KPI’s expectations to the offshore team and lessons learned relating to up and coming activities are discussed.

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