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Technical Limit methodology is a continuous improvement process that has been widely adopted in the oil and gas industry since its first application back in 1993.The significant savings that can be achieved by the methodology are particularly applicable to lean operations and effective exploitation of marginal wells. Whilst the process is widely used in oil and gas, where it has delivered cost savings of up to 40%, the principles of the method are equally relevant in any industry.

The ‘Technical Limit’ of a piece of work is defined as optimum operational performance under perfect conditions. An often used analogy is a ‘world record’ in sport. By using a perfect world scenario to examine a project, we enable our thinking to break out of the constraints we normally impose upon ourselves in order to ask whether we are doing the right job at all; whether there are better ways to do it and how we can achieve the best possible operational execution including what is needed for our teams to close the gap between current performance and the ‘world record’.

     Rigformance Process

“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality”


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